Jacob John Harmer releases Jul’Hoansi on NOWNESS

Jacob John Harmer’s mesmeric film JUL’HOANSI went live today on the NOWNESS. It is an evocative adventure delving into the life, death, ancestors and the heart of the spirit world of San tribe, the oldest population on earth, focussing especially on an elder living in a village. The film is narrated by Chris Obi, of Star Trek fame.

Their dialect, ‘jul’Hoansi’, is spoken by a people whose numbers are decreasing at a time when globalisation encroaches on age old traditions.  

Jacob explains: “We spent eleven days camping near the tribe and their village, and were allowed access to a rare healing ceremony, conducted for a tribal elder—observing their tracking and stalking stills. We watched as they prepared poison, mixed in animal vertebrae, and prepared the heads of poison-tipped arrows.

The film premiered today on Nowness

For Jacob’s reel please click here