Bouha Kazmi releases brand new smasher of a film ‘STATION 13′ for Indochine

This film depicts the representation of what appears to be ordinary men persecuted by police and society, men who are later revealed to be angels on earth. Inspired by the paintings of Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens, and conflicts during the civil rights movement, “Station 13” follows the blows of extraordinarily public transgressions where brutality and injustice lead the charge.

The video has had a one week exclusive nationwide release in CGR cinemas in France before all screenings of Steven Soderbergh’s new film ‘Unsane‘.

Today marks a timely release as Mandela’s would have turned 100 this week, and the world celebrates his heritage of acceptance, democracy and kindness across the world.

Indochine are renowned as the best selling French band of the last three decades. The monochromatic, visceral film for ‘Station 13‘ powerfully conveys shocking bigotry and violence, drawing visual inspiration from renaissance and baroque paintings along with scenes of violence evocative of the civil rights movement.

It is shocking, emotionally riveting and highly thought-provoking given the current sociopolitical climate.