Indy8’s Liz Unna directs breast cancer spot “Pink Bra” for Marks & Spencer

Liz Unna has directed the new raw, intimate and powerful commercial “Pink Bra” for Marks & Spencer, who are donating 20% of proceeds from sales of its pink bras to Breast Cancer Now.

Real women who have faced breast cancer share their words of strength and honest portrayals of their experiences. The lines of the poem, which are spoken by the women, drives the pacing of the film.

Liz was incredibly attuned to the feelings in the room having spent time and established meaningful connections with all of her contributors and created a safe space where they could feel relaxed and open up to the cameras. We see them in domestic spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. All the scenes feel lived in and real so the viewer can identify with them – they are familiar, well-loved and with a true sense of the quintessential M&S style.

The icon of the film the pink bra appears throughout the film, being worn, sometimes on the floor and occasionally just a glimpse of the straps. This subtle motif connects all the women and becomes a symbol of defiance.

Indy8 Director Liz Unna says: “Working with these 7 incredible women was truly life-affirming and moving.  We wanted to give an authentic representation of breast cancer, without glossing over it or playing sad violins. The film is funny, sexy and defiant, just like them. It was such a pleasure and an honour to make.”