Josh Appignanesi’s New Film For Jaguar

Josh Appignanesi has collaborated with Agency Spark44 for Jaguar’s latest global campaign.

Set in the oh so aptly-named twinning towns – ‘Dull’, Scotland and ’Boring’, Oregon – Josh transforms the predictable monotony of these unsuspecting places by adding some zooooom. He gives four lucky residents a taster of the unique and extraordinary driving experience of the pulse-racing Jag F-TYPE R coupe.

Heads swivel as the thrilling power of the car’s engine roars and the impressive vehicle speeds through the little roads, a most uncommon sight in the snail-pace culture of these two sleepy towns.

The films feature beautiful cinematic shots of iconic scenes, including Scottish Salmon fishing and vast American farmland. The deft editing shows off the beauty and power of the car and celebrates the fun and the novelty of what it is to drive this exhilarating Jaguar F-TYPE R coupe.