Liz Unnas groundbreaking new film challenges the stigma around public Breastfeeding

As all mums know, it’s nigh on impossible to predict when your child will suddenly be hungry, and when a baby’s got to eat, it’s got to eat.

In this groundbreaking film for Channel 4, Liz Unna confronts the social taboo that is Breastfeeding in public. In true Liz Unna form, unapologetically and head on filming four brave women across the country who are taking a stand by breastfeeding on public television in a bid to normalise and de-stigmatise this very natural act.

Liz Unna uses this film to address the antiquated social taboo, empowering women to stand against being bullied into the backroom, and hopefully wake up viewers to how preposterous societal disapproval of breastfeeding in public really is.

Don’t point, don’t stare. We should all be free to eat, whoever we are, wherever we are.