Josh Appignanesi – Nivea Films

Now You See It is a short film, about environmental damage, written, directed and produced by Rebecca Manley and featuring the voice of Ewan McGregor.
With this short, Indy8 Director Rebecca Manley has created a moving and poignant environmental film, in her distinctive and unique hand crafted style. With a solid background in design and animation, Manley is renowned for having a tactile, artistic approach to her work. She was driven to create this piece both by her passion for the natural world and her wish to contribute a creative film to the urgent global conversation about environmental damage. Manley collaborated with actor Ewan McGregor on the voiceover that punctuates the narrative. McGregor is the perfect match for this story not only in terms of the warmth and tone of his voice but also in light of his humanitarian and philanthropic work.