Ornette Spenceley


Hailing from Leicester, Ornette was named after the legendary American jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman. With big boots to fill, Ornette upped sticks to London in the 90’s, first working for designer Paul Smith before studying film at National Film & Television School.

Now an acclaimed commercial director with many awards to his name, Ornette has established himself in the industry with his authentic, carefully observed spots. He’s known for being able to elicit natural and heartfelt performances from his cast, no matter their age or experience level. This directing prowess and cinematic eye has led to the huge success of big brand campaigns including Kellogg’s, Persil, Asda, Kinder, NFL, Danone, Vicks, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

His award-winning spot made by Indy8 for Ibis, ‘Snuggling Bunnies’ (featuring music by Richard Hawley) achieved over 10m hits in the first month. It was also voted cutest advert of the year, so it’s no wonder Ornette has sometimes been affectionately referred to as “The Bunny Guy”.

Fortunately for the industry, his compassion for the natural world doesn’t stop at bunnies. A lifelong vegetarian and environmentalist, Ornette is increasingly dedicated to making films for sustainable brands and clients. His Waste Awareness campaigns have garnered much positive attention in this realm, with his ’Need Your Help’ spot earning a Bronze at Kinsale Shark Awards.

Ornette’s other notable industry awards include a Silver at Kinsale Shark Awards for Ibis ‘Snuggling Bunnies’, and most recently, an Adfest Awards Bronze for his Gold Toddler spot “Perfectly Imperfect.”